2004 Capps Crossing
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May 28 - 30, 2004

The annual Capps Crossing and Fish Fry began early with Rog and Patti arriving Wednesday to reserve the camp site. Unfortunately, a motorcycle group beat Rog and Patti to the last large camp ground along the Meiss Cabin Road. Rog and Patti were able to locate an alternate camp site south west of the traditional Capps Crossing camp site along Capps Crossing Road, large enough for the club.
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JD demonstrated his expertise and made a California Conservation Corp. regulation campfire.
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Jim and Vicki arrived Friday evening. After setting up camp and cooking dinner, Jim and Vicki joined Rog and Patti, Richard, Stephen, Bill and Karen, Chris and Christine, and Al and Kathy at the main campfire to warm up under cloudy skies.
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CC 12.jpg (108030 bytes) Al and his wife erected this Rube Goldberg contraption at their camp site.

CC 13.jpg (62186 bytes) Jim displayed the club's new first aid kit at the camp site.

Saturday morning greeted the campers with a clear sunny sky.  After a hearty breakfast, club members going on the Buckskin Joe run packed their lunches and prepared for the day's outing.
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The Saturday arrivals began rolling in about 9 am. Mike Z. arrived about 10 am and gave everyone until 11 am to get ready. Mike began leading the group of fifteen Jeeps at 11 am promptly.
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Along the Buckskin Joe Trail we passed a tree with an unusual burl formation. Depending on the angle you can see different figures in the burl. Can you find the bear cub?
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This year the trip was not hampered by snow and everyone made it through the Buckskin Joe Trail up to the Leek Springs Lookout.
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The view from the Leek Springs Lookout Tower was spectacular. 
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On the way back the group chose to try trails 9N67 to 9N16 to 9N33 to return to camp instead of going back along Meiss Cabin Road.
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Bill brought up the food for the Saturday night Fish Fry, while Jason hauled the tables.
Kathy got the cook crew organized and quickly prepared dinner, even with Tom's supervision.
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After dinner, deserts donated by club members were auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Junior Jeepers.

Later Saturday evening a group of seven Jeeps left camp to go up to the Granite Slab. It was a perfect evening for star gazing. The sky was clear and a half moon was high in the night sky. Lights from the distant cities could be clearly seen in the West.

Sunday morning started with another beautiful day. Some decided to take it easy and relax in camp. A few hearty younger individuals went back to Jenkins Lake to partake in water sports. And some went out exploring different trails. By Sunday afternoon, those who had to work on Monday were packed up, said their goodbyes and headed home with fond memories.

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