2004 Club Competition
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November 20, 2004

This year's Annual Club Competition was held at Prairie City OHV Park, located east of Sacramento. Jim and Vicki  caught up with "J" along  Prairie City Road and then reached Dave via CB radio at Prairie City. The weather was sunny in Sacramento and Citrus Heights, but the morning fog still covered Prairie City. We arrived a little before 10:00am. The area with the picnic tables in the center of the 4x4 area was opened so we setup on top of the hill.

About 10:30 am we got asked for help and "J" got the opportunity to pull out an Isuzu stuck in a mud hole.
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Vicki let her granddaughter Stasha practice driving.
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The fog and low clouds began clearing about 10:45 am and we had sunny skies the rest of the day. We had a good turn out for the event with Dave, Jim & Vicki, Bill, "J", Sue, Jim L., Tom and Kathy, Dana and Darlene, Gene and Jackie, Jerry Sr. and son Jerry Jr. and Bruce coming out for a day of fun.

CC 18.jpg (88702 bytes) Jerry Jr arrived with his friend James.

CC 19.jpg (79255 bytes) "J"s Jeep

Jim, Bill and Jerry Jr. found a few mud holes to drive through.
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Dave drove the blindfold course first and set the time to beat at 5 min 25 sec.
To increase the difficulty the driver had to stop and pick up two cups along the course, while blindfolded.
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"J" went next and completed the course in 10 min and 48 sec after receiving a 20 sec penalty for running over two stakes.
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Vicki was the first female driver. Tom tried to spook her by banging on a trash can.
Notice the coke can on the rear bumper. The can stayed on the entire run.
Vicki finished in 10 min 0 sec.
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Our newest member, Jim, went next and completed in 7 min and 10 sec.
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Kathy completed the run in 8 min and 51 sec after receiving a 10 sec penalty for running over one stake.
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The club's oldest Junior Jeeper, Bryan, competed the course in 6 min and 2 sec.
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Jim went next, finishing the run in 6 min and 42 sec with a 10 sec penalty for running over one stake.

Jerry Jr. turned in a 5 min 25 sec time which included a 30 sec penalty for running over three stakes.
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Bill ran the course in 7 min and 20s with a 10 sec penalty for running over one stake.
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Jerry Sr. raced through the course in 4 min and 51 sec. His time included a 30 sec penalty for running over three stakes.
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Dana talked Jim and Vicki's granddaughter, Stasha, into driving the course blindfolded. She drove the course in 8 min and 40 sec without running over anything.
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Sue was the last driver for the day. Which was a good thing as Sue dragged most of the course back with her. She completed the run in 4 min and 34 sec with a 30 sec penalty for running over three stakes.
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Jerry Sr. is this year's winner of the men's trophy (which is still missing).

Sue is this year's winner of the women's trophy. You are going to have to give it back Vicki.

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