2004 Girls Power Run
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October 2, 2004

Richard and Dave were again the Jeep Masters for the Annual Girl's Power Run.
This year the ladies four wheeled the McKinstry Trail into the Rubicon. Turn out for this years event was very sparse.
Only Vicki, her granddaughter Stasha and Melissa attended.
Dave decided to remain behind and let Richard and Jim take the ladies out.

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Richard's Jeep was in the repair shop, again. The plan was for Richard to hitch a ride in one of the Jeeps once we got to the McKinstry Trail. When we arrived at the designated spot Richard decided to drive his Chevy Tahoe on the trail.
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Along the Rubicon trail we encountered a rig with problems blocking the trail. Fortunately there was a by pass to go around him.
Just because the trail is a bypass, does not make it easier.
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People could not believe that a Chevy Tahoe was on the Rubicon.
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Richard and Melissa got a little too close to the trees.
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We stopped at a nice spot along the Rubicon to enjoy our lunch.
We decided to head back as the weather was turning stormy.
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Richard was looking for a reason to put rocker panel guards on.
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