2004 Gold Lake
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August 21 - 22, 2004

The Sacramento Jeepers journeyed to Gold Lake in the California Sierra Mountains for a weekend of fishing, camping and Jeeping.
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Tom, Kathy, Ty, Shiloh, Al and JD drove up Wednesday morning to stake out and setup base camp for the Sacramento Jeepers.

Jim and Vicki left Sacramento on Friday morning and drove up to gold Lake via Hwy 49.
They stopped at the Coyoteville Cafe, just before Downieville, for lunch at 12:30pm.  They were the last customers for the day.
The Coyoteville Cafe closes at 1:00pm. The cheeseburgers were good, even at $5.50. GL 004.jpg (96910 bytes)

While driving on Hwy 49 Jim and Vicki spotted a lone chimney outside of Sierra City.
There were no signs to identify why it was there.
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The only gas station in Sierra City was out of gas. Jim and Vicki topped off their tank at Bassetts Station with unleaded at $2.39 per gallon.

Steve arrived at the camp site Friday morning. Jim and Vicki drove into camp with a little help from their CB radio.
Jim had trouble finding the exact turn off to Gold Lake, as someone removed the Sacramento Jeepers signs.
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Tom displays the club's first aid kit. GL 022.jpg (90848 bytes)

 Prospective members Mike and Jessica and their son Austin made it into camp Friday afternoon.
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GL 025.jpg (98483 bytes) Al was ready to try out the new tires and lift on his Jeep.

GL 026.jpg (98380 bytes) Tom got treated to a camp shower.

GL 027.jpg (50305 bytes) Mother Nature provided beautiful sunsets and spectacular lightning shows Thursday and Friday nights.

Dave arrived Friday evening and setup his trailer and tent.
Alan and Sharon arrived early Saturday morning with their daughter Brandi.
Richard arrived shortly after Alan and Sharon driving his Chevy Tahoe.

After packing lunches, seven Jeeps filled with fourteen members headed out to tackle the trails around Gold Lake.
Tom took the group up to Squaw Lake.
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We then headed back down the trail and drove past camp on our way to Deer Lake.
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We stopped and had lunch on the trail overlooking Deer Lake.
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After lunch we turned around and headed to Snake Lake.
On the way to Snake Lake Alan broke his rear shock mount when he pulled off the trail to let another Jeep pass.
GL 045.jpg (62126 bytes) GL 046.jpg (107514 bytes) GL 047.jpg (96803 bytes) Showoff!!

We stopped for a group picture, overlooking Gold Lake.
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We then continued down the trail to Snake Lake.
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Dave and Richard were the only ones to drive down the Snake Lake Trail.
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 The rest of us turned around and drove to where the trail reconnects to wait for Dave and Richard.
Mike and Jessica did very good in their white Jeep.
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Saturday night found everyone tasting the wine and cheese.
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Sunday morning everyone packed up and cleaned up the camp ground.
We said our goodbyes and headed home.
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