2004 Mini Rubicon
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June 18 - 20, 2004

The Sacramento Jeepers held their June outing at Wentworth Springs campgrounds near the Rubicon Trail.
Tom and Kathy went up Friday morning, with their daughter Courtney, and Bill and his two sons to reserve campsites for club members and their guests. Jim and Vicki arrived Friday afternoon with their son JD, and Scott and his daughter Jasmine and setup their tents.
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Camping safety tip #78:
Do not swat at mosquitoes while slicing food with a sharp knife.
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Dave arrived, leading Dana and Darlene in her Honey Do Jeep. Behind them were Jerry, Chris and Christine , Ace and Marie , with Richard at the back door.
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Dana and Darlene brought the barbeque for Sunday's Father's Day breakfast.
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Dave led Chris and Christine, Richard with JD riding shotgun, Ace and Marie, Jim and Vicki and Jerry west along the Wentworth Springs Road towards the McKinstry trail to get to the Rubicon Trail. 
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We came to a fork in the road and Dave elected to turn right onto the more traveled trail. As we drove on, the trail became narrower and more difficult.
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Upon reaching another fork with a choice between a difficult path and a more difficult path, Dave thought it prudent to turn around and go back to the first fork and go the other direction.
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We drove up onto a granite slap on the Wentworth Springs Road for a breath taking view of Loon Lake and the dam and group pictures.
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There is always one show off in every crowd.
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Sunday morning was Father's Day and time for the Father's Day Breakfast.
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Even though it was Father's Day the men pitched in and helped cook a feast of eggs, pancakes and bacon.
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After breakfast Jim and his son JD, decided to take a drive down Wentworth Springs Road to "Drive Shaft Alley". The directions Dave gave Jim were somewhat vague so Jim had to use his best judgment. The first obstacle was a very large muddy water crossing. JD remembered someone saying something about driving through a deep mud hole. Spotting tire tracks to the left of the main mud hole Jim followed the trail around the mud hole.
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Now it was time for the part everyone hates when camping. Back it up and go home. Richard connected the barbecue trailer to his Jeep.
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With everyone backed and loaded Dave Nelson headed the weary campers home. Scott Dean, Richard Oshiro and Chris Henningfeld followed Dave down Ice House Road to I-50.
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Jim and Vicki DeMotto and their son JD took the Wentworth Springs Road through Georgetown and Auburn to I-80. The road into Auburn provides a spectacular view of the Foresthill Bridge.
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