2004 Snow Run
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March 20, 2004

Members of the Sacramento Jeepers Club assembled for the first Jeep run of the year.
Tom M. took this opportunity to be the Jeep Master. Eight members in six Jeeps met at McDonald's on Sierra College Blvd and I-80 for roll call and the traditional driver's meeting.
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Arriving late, perspective members Mike and Jessica joined up as we headed East on I-80.

We arrived at the Pliocene Ridge crossroads and found the road still covered in snow.
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Tom M. drove 15 feet up the icy snow covered road before loosing traction and getting stuck.
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Dave N. went around Tom to pull him out, only to get himself stuck in the icy snow.
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Richard O. tried to go around on the other side, by to no avail.
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Dave got a helping tow and is pulled back to the dry pavement.
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Tom and trailer finally get pulled out of the snow.
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Dave suggests airing down and forges ahead to cut a trail.
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Richard follows Dave after airing down.
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Bill T. and Mike work together by taking turns towing each other,
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while Richard and Dave wait ahead to give an assist if needed.
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Vicki D. demonstrates how to four wheel through the snow using finesse, instead of power.
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Kathy M. decides she needs to show her skills.
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Everyone had a good time learning the techniques for four wheeling in icy snow and how to pull and be pulled out of deep snow when someone got stuck.
Dave and Tom did a lot of coaching. Vicki said by following Dave's advice she was able to tell when the Jeep was about to get stuck and to stop and back out before she got stuck. Vicki was able to go most of the way without being towed by going forward, then backing up, then going a little farther forward.
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Tom pulls out the First Aid kit. He then shows the tag to prove it is the new kit.
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