2005 Girls Power Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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October 1, 2005

Mike Z volunteered to be the Jeep Master for the Annual Girl's Power Run.
This year the ladies four wheeled the Buck Skin Joe Trail.
Vicki and Jim, Marie and Ace, and last years Jeep Master, Dave and prospective member Tim, with guests Gwen and Bill and Jan and Ed attended this year's run.
Helping Mike was his daughter Julie.

Atop the granite slab near Capps Crossing
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Mike instructed the guys to get out of the Jeeps and turn the keys over to the ladies.
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Mike made another change to the run and made Vicki lead.
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This was Tim's 2nd run with the Sacramento Jeepers.
Tim did not have any trouble with his 4 wheel drive on this trip.
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Ed and Jan drove their brand new Rubicon. I didn't think to ask for their registration.
For all I now they could have been on a test drive from a dealership.
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Lunch stop at the Leek Springs Lookout Tower.
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Vicki leads the group back down Buck Skin Joe Trail.
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The only break down was Jim and Vicki's CB died at the end of the trip.

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