2005 Snow Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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March 19, 2005

Tom M. volunteered to be the Jeep Master for the first trip of the season.
Jim & Vicki arrived early and reserved tables for everyone.
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Everyone met at Denny's for a hearty breakfast before venturing out into the cold rainy mountains . Members attending the run were Jim & Vicki D. with their grandson Grayson, "J" B. with his granddaughter Candace, Al & Kathy W., Steve F., Ty A. & Shiloh P., Alan C. with his daughter Brandi, Gene & Jackie H. and of course Tom M. Prospective members Jessica T. & Mike B., and Jim L. with his friend Jeff attended the run. Guests included George A. with his daughter Sophia and son Jimmy, and Courtney P. with her friend Steve.

All twelve Jeeps arrived at the Pliocene Ridge crossroads and found the road covered in snow.
Shiloh P. took her Jeep out onto the snow and quickly got stuck. Ty A. unsuccessfully tried to get the Jeep out. Jim L. went out and pulled the Jeep back to dry ground.
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Other members watched from inside their warm dry Jeeps.
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Tom M. ventured onto the snow and got a little further before loosing traction and getting stuck. Ty A. went out to get Tom only to get stuck again. Then "J" B. went out and got himself stuck. Jim L. hooked up to "J"'s Jeep and towed the three Jeeps out by staying on the pavement to get enough traction. 
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Maybe we should have heeded the sign?
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After getting everyone out of the snow,
we drove down to Forest City to get out of the wind and rain.
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Tom M. unpacked his trailer and we set up the tarps and made a hot lunch.
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Jim L. got stuck exploring a trail in Forest City. "J" B. returned the favor and pulled Jim L. out. 
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