2005 Wentworth Springs Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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October 15 & 16, 2005

Jim and Vicki drove to Wentworth Springs Friday night. Jim and Vicki took their grandson Grayson and son JD. Prospective member Tim W followed in his Jeep. The group arrived Friday night to find Jim L saving a camp site.

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Jim L led JD in his 1992 Jeep Cherokee and Tim W in his 1990 YJ on a scouting loop from Wentworth Springs, back to the main road, up to the McKinstry Trail, onto the Rubicon Trail and back to the Wentworth Springs Campground via the "Drive Shaft Trail" bypass.
Jim is still not sure that he took the bypass.
Jim and Tim help JD traverse the trail
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Tim follows JD down.
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