2006 Club Competition
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November 18, 2006

The Annual Club Competition was held at Prairie City OHV Park, located east of Sacramento. The weather was sunny and warm. The following club members met at the picnic tables in the center of the 4x4 area. Dana & Darlene H, Richard O, Ron B, Gene H, Tim W, Alan C, Glenn R, Jim & Vicki D, J B, Jerry A and Jerry A Jr. Prospective members Paul S and JD and previous member Jim L and his brother Jeff came out for the day. Jim and Vicki's grandkids, Stasha and Grayson were the only Jr. Jeepers at the event.
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Richard began the blind man driving competition in his newly rebuilt 2001 TJ
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Tim was the next driver, followed by Jerry and then JD
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Vicki drove with her granddaughter Stasha giving directions
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Alan provided directions for Glenn
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Jim was the last to compete
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This year's men's trophy goes to ??

and the women's trophy goes to ??

CC 25.jpg (81311 bytes)JD had fun covering his new paint job with mud

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