2006 Girls Power Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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October 7, 2006

Vicki was chosen to be the Jeep Master for this year's Fifth Annual Girl's Power Run
The turn out was low but we had four Jeeps and lots of fun

Vicki & Jim D, Marie & Ace S, Jackie & Gene H. and Sue & Ron B
met at the McDonalds at I-80 and Sierra College Blvd
This year's trail was decided over breakfast and the girl's resolved to try the difficult Signal Peak OHV Trail

The trail starts at the Eagle Lakes Exit on I-80
The trail is only 4 miles, but most of the trip is on difficult narrow rocky terrain
GPR 01.jpg (106536 bytes) GPR 02.jpg (97923 bytes)
When we reached the beginning of the trail the husbands were told to
"Get in - Sit down - And shut up" (Unless spoken to)
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The street tires on Jackie's Jeep kept slipping on the loose rock after one mile into the trail
GPR 14.jpg (112734 bytes) GPR 15.jpg (115084 bytes) GPR 16.jpg (116493 bytes)
Gene has a new set of off-road tires he has been meaning to put on
Gene convinced Jackie to turn around and they would meet us at the Cisco Grove exit

It was a good decision for Jackie & Gene to go back
The trail continued to get more difficult with sections of steep climbs over loose rock
GPR 17.jpg (93910 bytes) GPR 18.jpg (107533 bytes) GPR 19.jpg (111168 bytes) GPR 20.jpg (113458 bytes) GPR 21.jpg (125030 bytes) GPR 22.jpg (119770 bytes)

As we neared the top of Signal Peak we could hear Jackie on the CB and see her waving from the Top of Signal Peak
GPR 23.jpg (104198 bytes) GPR 24.jpg (149352 bytes) GPR 25.jpg (103983 bytes)

A Parting shot of the Signal Peak towers
GPR 26.jpg (67675 bytes) GPR 27.jpg (76242 bytes)

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