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July 14 - 16, 2006

Tim W and Steve F met at Jim D's house on Friday July 14 to drive up to Gold Lake early.
Prospective member Gary K had to wait for a friend who wanted a ride up to gold Lake.
After confirming directions Gary said he would meet us at Gold Lake.
Jim took his granddaughter Stasha and her friend Brooke. The first group left Jim's house a 1:30 pm.

After a three-hour drive the first group arrived at the Gold Lake OHV campsites in the California Sierra Mountains for a weekend of camping and Jeeping only to find all but two of the campsites taken.
Tim and Jim elected to setup at campsite 2, while Steve setup at campsite 7.
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While Tim and Jim setup their tents the mosquitoes began having a buffet.
Jim stopped setting up the tent and went for the insect repellent, mission accomplished.
During dinner a young couple at the next campsite packed up and left.
Jim quickly and quietly drove his Jeep over to campsite 3 to hold it for late arrivals.
Gary finally arrived around 8:30pm with his daughter Madison.

GLR 006.jpg (97988 bytes) Gary brought his luxury Jumping Jack tent trailer.

Mechelle S and her son Tony caught a ride up to Gold Lake with Gary.
Scott and Heather D arrived at 10:00pm, Scott and Heather brought their three children, James, Jasmine and Jacy.
There was some debate over the club signs being up or just not being seen.
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Gary and Tim began waking everyone up at 6:30am Saturday morning.
We began the trip to Little Deer Lake at 10:00 am with five Jeeps.
Steve and his friend did not go on Saturday's run, as they had to get back to Sacramento early.

Jim's granddaughter decided we needed a mascot for the trip and put her stuffed animal, Pedro on the front of their Jeep to lead us.
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Our first scheduled stop was at the fallen tree for the usual posed pictures.
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While taking pictures Mechelle used her powers and organized the Junior Jeepers to collect wood for Saturday's campfires.
The Junior Jeepers put the wood into the back of Tim's Jeep.

The signs at the trailhead directing us to Little Deer Lake were torn down.
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Upon Scott D's recommendation we took the trail to the right.
After passing Oakland Pond Jim realized we passed the Little Deer Lake turnoff and were headed down to the Snake Lake trail.
Scott D checked out the Snake Lake trail and declared it would not be a problem for any of our Jeeps.
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With a little care and some great spotting from our prospective member Gary everyone made it to the bottom of the trail without incident.
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We drove to the other side of Snake Lake and stopped for lunch at noon.
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After lunch we continued on the trail around Little Deer Lake.
The return trail from Little Deer Lake proved to be as difficult and challenging as the Snake Lake trail.
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Scott D provided spotting at the more difficult sections,
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but no one was winched or strapped.
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Everyone made it through without any serious problems or breakdowns.
We made it back to camp at 2:30pm.

Sunday was anti climatic with everyone having a leisurely breakfast
and then breaking camp and packing everything in the Jeeps and trailers for the trip home.
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