2006 Snow Run
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March 18, 2006

Jim D volunteered to be the Jeep Master for the first trip of the 2006 season.
The Snow Run officially started from Indian Hill Road in Newcastle. Jim & Vicki , Tim W, with his guest Jeff, and Ace & Marie left Citrus Heights at 8:00 am and drove up to Indian Hill Road in Newcastle. Richard was already at the designated meeting place. We had a good breakfast and waited for anyone else that might show up for the run.
We finally got into our four Wrangler Jeeps and left at 9:45 am.
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We drove through Auburn, Cool and turned east at Georgetown onto Wentworth Springs Road.
A little pass Quintette the road ended abruptly. The road was buried in this soft, cold wet stuff. I think they call it snow. We put our Jeeps into four-wheel drive and began the slow slippery journey into the white wilderness.
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We reached Stumpy Meadows reservoir at 11:30 am.
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After a quick break we continued east.
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Vicki saw pillows of snow for the first time in her life.
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We passed the Hell Hole turn off at about 1:00 pm. Still full from breakfast we decided to continue and try to reach Uncle Tomís Cabin to have lunch.
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We traveled about a mile pass the Hell Hole turn off when it began to snow fairly heavy.
We found a place to turn our Jeeps around. After the Jeeps were turned around Mother Nature stopped snowing and gave us sunshine. So we decided that this was a good spot to stop and have lunch.
Just as we finished lunch it started to snow again. We figured this is Mother Natureís way of telling us to get out. We packed up the Jeeps and headed home at 2:00 pm.
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Heading home Tim kept getting stuck when he slipped off the path into the deep snow. While pulling Tim out of the snow for the second time, Jim noticed Timís front wheels were not turning. Tim discovered that he was not in four-wheel drive and put his Jeep into four-wheel drive. After that Tim kept on the main path and did not have any more problems.
This was the first time Tim had ever drove in snow.
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On our return we found a snow woman waiting at the end of the snow trail.
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