2006 Wentworth Springs Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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June 23 to 25, 2006

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Dana H. mustered several four-wheel drive clubs and the U.S. Forest Service to come up to the Wentworth Springs Campground, located at the foot of the Rubicon Trail, to restore and repair the campgrounds. Richard O and Tim W from the Sacramento Jeepers, left Sacramento early to meet with tree cutters Tom C and Chris S from the U.S. Forest Service and drive them and their equipment to the campsite. Tom and Chris came out to cut down several designated trees before any of the work crews from the four wheel drive clubs showed up
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Jim and Vick D arrived Friday afternoon with their son JD and Grandson Grayson to find the trees already cut down for Saturday's campground restoration project.
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Soon afterwards Gary K drove into the campgrounds with his camping trailer loaded with supplies for the entire weekend
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Dana H detailed some of the kids to fetch water from the creek to refill the portable toilet
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Saturday morning Tim W drove down the trail to pickup Tom C from the U.S. Forest Service
Tom C gathered everyone and a gave a safety briefing and showed us the plans for the campground
After everyone signed in we broke into groups and began to restore the campground
Two of the groups used their Jeeps and winches to haul the huge logs Tom C and Chris S of the U.S. Forest Service cut down on Friday
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The kids (Sacramento Junior Jeepers) also helped by picking up branches that had broken off the trees and raking the restored campsites
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Tom C with the new Wentworth Springs Campground sign
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A member from another club rolled his Jeep while working on the Rubicon
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After a hard days work everyone cleaned up and got ready for dinner Jerry A cooked 41 pounds of mouth-watering tri tip steak
Jerry also brought up 35 pounds of his homemade potato salad and a large pan of chili beans
For desert Dana brought up a double chocolate cake and ice cream
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Vicki D made breakfast Sunday morning for her family and Richard O
Richard left in such a rush on Friday that he left most of his camping equipment at home, including his food
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After packing up and cleaning the camp sites the last of the work group left Wentworth Springs Sunday afternoon
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Finishing up October 8, 2006

Dana H went back up to Wentworth Springs with some of the club members to replace the camp site tables and clean up the area
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