2007 Iron Mountain Patrol
Family Jeeping since 1957

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January 20, 2007

It was a beautiful day for the Iron Mountain Road Patrol
The sun was out, there was no wind and little to no snow and we had a good turn out for this year's Winter Patrol
Tim W was this year's Jeep Master with Tom M riding shotgun Glene R arrived in a Blazer and Scott D with his son James
and prospective members JP & his wife Carole in his fairly new TJ Unlimited
Jim & Vicki D with their granddaughter Stasha and her friend Ashley came up in the second group with prospective member Lee D and his son Stephen in his Silver TJ and  Gary K and Marie in Gary's new Red TJ Rubicon giving us a total of seven Jeeps
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Stasha and Ashley went to work right away handing out driving information and counting vehicles at the Mormon Emigrant Trail Visitors Information checkpoint
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The first group to go out and check the Mormon Emigrant Trail consisted of Tim & Tom
Lee and his son and Jim with Stasha & Ashley
It wasn't long before we found four girls stuck on ice in a two wheel drive Ford Explorer
They were trying to get to Kirkwood to visit family and friends and had been waiting for help for over two hours
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Stasha and Ashely finally found a small spot of frozen snow and loaded the trailer to take home
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Later in the day Dana, Darlene and Jerry Sr. came out to help with search and rescue
Tim W, Tom M and prospective member Lee D where already on the scene when the CHP helicopter located the stranded vehicles on the upper part of the Mormon Emigrant Trail
Apparently the travelers used their GPS and MapQuest and where informed that the Mormon Emigrant Trail was a short cut to Highway 88
Gary K and prospective member Lee D went in their Jeeps to help recover the trapped vehicles
The four Jeeps spent most of the afternoon extracting vehicles from the snow

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