2007 Snow Run
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March 17, 2007

This yearís Snow Run turned out to be one of the best runs in a long time
The weather was perfect, the turn out was great and we even encountered snow
The group gathered at Dennyís for a hearty breakfast before heading into the mountains
There were a total of 11 rigs, 18 adults, 3 children and 3 dogs
Jim & Vicki D lead the group and were accompanied by Lee D, JP & Carole P, Glenn R,
Tim W with Tom M riding shotgun and Marie D with Gary K covering the back door
We had three prospective members, Scott A, Jacque Y and Jeremy L

We exited I-80 at Elm St in Auburn and traveled along SR-193 to Georgetown
After a quick stop, well maybe not that quick, for gas and munchies and headed east on Wentworth Springs Rd
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We stopped at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir for a quick visit to the outhouse
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We finally found some snow near Uncle Tomís cabin and got to put it into four-wheel drive
We had the opportunity to clear some fallen trees along the way and reopen the road
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Scott A has been four wheeling for years, but this was the first trip for his 2006 Rubicon
Glenn R came out with his new 2007 Wrangler Rubicon
This was also the first time in snow for Jacque Y
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Glenn assisted Jacque by providing coaching as she learned how to four wheel in snow
Everyone was having a good time, especially Tim, who could not resist the temptation to fish tail in the snow
and break up the tracks the rest of us were trying to follow
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We made it all the way through Wentworth Springs Road to Ice House
We stopped for lunch at South Fork
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After lunch our group split up. Some of the club members had to get back in time for the corn beef and cabbage dinner at Tex's
This left six from the original group and we decided to try to make it to the Wentworth Campground
Tim and Tom led the way, which was a mistake
When we turned off Ice House Road and back onto Wentworth Springs we encountered even more snow
Once again Tim began spinning his new tires and broke up the tracks in the snow
This made it a lot harder for the stock and slightly lifted Jeeps following behind Tim
We got as close as one mile to where the pavement ends and the real Wentworth Springs Trail begins
The snow was a lot deeper and because of the warmer weather we would sink up to our axles
Although Tim wanted to keep going the rest of us convinced him it was time to turn around
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We returned by taking the Ice House Road to Highway 50 since it was plowed
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