2008 Caldor Run
Family Jeeping since 1957

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April 19, 2008

 The meeting place was at the McDonald's Restaurant located on Tributary Point Drive just off of Hazel Ave near Hwy 50
Tom M was the Jeep Master for the April Jeep run Al W and Tom M led club members,
 Ron & Sue B, Gene & Jackie H, Ace & Marie S, Steve & Vernell F, Jacque Y
and Jim & Vicki D took the back door with a functioning CB that they borrowed from their son
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The group of seven Jeeps left for Caldor on a clear early spring drive
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Our progress was halted by a tree laying across the trail with an old man sitting on the log
After some persuasion by Ron, Gene got off the tree so Ace could move the log out of the way
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As we got closer to Caldor we found some patches of snow
Ace demonstrated how not to drive through snow in 2 wheel drive
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A little further along the trail Steve got stuck in a patch of icy snow
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Al also succumbed to another patch of icy snow
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While Ace was extracting Al from the snow,
Tom tested the depth of the snow using the foot and leg method CR 20.jpg (83617 bytes)

Can you find what is wrong in this picture?
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Ace had Vicki use her Jeep as the anchor to help get Al out of the snow
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After getting Al out the crew connected Al's winch so Ace and Al could pull Steve out
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Time for lunch at Caldor
Tom and Jacque heated the chili and Marie supplied her home made cake for desert
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