2008 Snow Run
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February 16, 2008

The Sacramento Jeepers began the 2008 season with a snow run to Forest City.
The trip began Saturday morning at the staging area on Sierra College Blvd and I-80 in Rocklin.
The group consisted of one CJ-7, one CJ-8, four TJs and two YJs.
Club members on the run were Jim D with his grandson Grayson & his friend Jessie,
Lee D with his friend Tim, Jeremy and Shellie L with their two son's Hunter & Logan and Paul & Laura S.
On their first trip as prospective members were Ron & Barb M. Also along for the ride were JP M & his son Calvin and Eric & Brandon.
After a quick driver's meeting with Jim D as the Jeep Master, (which was interesting since Jim did not have a CB to communicate with anyone) everyone lined up and we headed out at 9:00 am

Jim signaled for a stop at Oregon Creek to cross the old covered bridge.
But the barricades were too big even for Jeeps to get to the bridge.
The local residents said the bridge was closed in June of 2007.
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We tried to drive up to Camptonville and drive into Forest City via the Henness Pass Road.
Just outside of Camptonville the road was blocked with fallen trees. SR 06.jpg (100161 bytes)

Jim led the group back to Hwy 49 and drove to Pliocene Ridge and Mountain House Rd via the Ridge Rd.
There was plenty of show for the kids to play in. Unfortunately the snow plow had piled the snow in such a way that none of the Jeeps could get pass the first few yards to get onto the snow packed road. The CJ-8 almost made it, but it kept sinking into the soft snow at the top.
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