2010 Buckskin Joe Trail
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August 21, 2010

The trip began early with most of the group meeting at the McDonald's near Hazel and Hwy 50
After getting a quick bite to eat and coffee, Jim held a drivers meeting to go over the days agenda
With everyone lined up we headed to Pollock Pines

We stopped at Pollock Pines to top off the gas tanks and purchase any additional snacks for the day

A prospective member, Frank, was waiting for us along the Mormom Emigrant Trail in his CJ7

Jim lead the group east on the Mormom Emigrant Trail until exiting on the trail up to the Leek Springs Lookout
BJT 001.jpg (98708 bytes) BJT 002.jpg (100575 bytes)

We stopped at the Leek Springs Lookout Tower to use the outhouse and take pictures of the view
BJT 004.jpg (89418 bytes) BJT 005.jpg (97548 bytes) BJT 006.jpg (91670 bytes) BJT 007.jpg (86033 bytes)

After completing the Buckskin Joe Trail we continued along the trails 9N67 to 9N16 to 9N33 to return to the North South Road
BJT 003.jpg (129094 bytes)

We briefly stopped at the granite plateau along the upper Buckskin Joe Trail
BJT 008.jpg (105237 bytes) BJT 009.jpg (101098 bytes)

We then continued along Buckskin Joe Trail picking up trash
Mitch's daughter Kylie, got some behind the wheel four wheeling on some challenging sections of the trail
BJT 010.jpg (115551 bytes) BJT 011.jpg (97999 bytes) BJT 012.jpg (107436 bytes) BJT 013.jpg (117649 bytes) BJT 014.jpg (110522 bytes) BJT 015.jpg (107128 bytes)

We came across a section where the trail was partially blocked by a fallen tree and a bypass trail was being started
We moved a couple of logs to clear the main trail and block the newly created bypass
BJT 016.jpg (121915 bytes) BJT 017.jpg (140812 bytes) BJT 018.jpg (124476 bytes) BJT 019.jpg (128391 bytes) BJT 020.jpg (118215 bytes) BJT 021.jpg (123136 bytes)

Further along the 9N16 trail we came upon a tree that was waiting to ruin someones day if they were not paying attention
notice the proper use of the winching block an tackle to prevent harm to the trees
BJT 022.jpg (132142 bytes)  BJT 024.jpg (139315 bytes) BJT 025.jpg (117208 bytes) BJT 026.jpg (114807 bytes)

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