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Located in El Dorado National Forest.
Trail head above campground.
A trail that starts off level and easy then decends down over rock.
Mostly gravel/rock wtih short dusty trail stretches. Rock obsticals.
On a 1-5 scale it is a 4. You will encounter downhill rock obsticles
then the same ones up hill on the way out.
No bypass for those not wanting to crawl over rocks.
Challange is moderate verticle grades with large rocks.
Stock jeeps should not try this trail. Recomend 33inch tires with a 3.5 or grater lift and lockers.
Posibility of minor damage.
Campground at rivers edge (1 site with fire pit) No toilets.
(May not be able to cross creek to get to campground if lake is too high.)
A fun trail to challange your rock abilities. Additional fun early to late fall if the lake is low
where you can run around in the dry lake bed, climb rocks and criss cross the Rubicon River.
To trailhead is about 90 miles (3 hr) from Sacramento.

Some trail shots:

How to get there:


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